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Hello Folks, 

I suggest you sit back and get comfortable cause I'm about to take you through a long journey. My Journey. 

You may have heard of the name BAST before, maybe from the movie Black Panther in the beginning when the image of the tall black cat appeared on your screen.

Remember mow? Great! because that's exactly where our inspiration lies. Not from the movie but the goddess herself.  

Bast is an ancient cat goddess, originated in lower Egypt. She is associated with all things pleasurable, fierce and sensual. Because she is a cat, she exudes royalty and is treated like one. 

Her movements are graceful yet mesmerising and her presence draws attention.


This is how we at Bast Creation want our customers to feel when wearing our designs. 

Ladies, we want you to tap into your divine femininity and release all guilt of embracing your sensual and bold inner being. We want you to feel exactly like what you are- Queens! 

Men, allow your masculine powers to shine through while wearing our brand. Standing tall, firm and looking like the kings that you are. 

Our designer and founder, Bast Hathar, born and raised in Trinidad has had quite the experience of being suppressed of her true self with constant judgement and rejections from childhood. She was told frequently that vanity is a sin and women should not adorn themselves. It was truly a long and tiring journey to reach where she is right now. A woman of power that embraces all that she is - audacious, fierce and unshakeable 


She understands the struggle persons experience daily when it arrives at understanding themselves and the common misconceptions taught and perceived by society.


The launch of Bast Creation in 2017 was established with the intentions to make customers feel comfortable in their provocative and fun side by replacing the traditional styles of African gabs with hip, fashionable and bold apparels of African themes categorized in both casual and couture style.


Want to discover or fall in love with your daring side? Then Bast Creation clothing is just for you.